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White Mountain Wildlife and Nature Center

(Courtesy photo Arizona Game and Fish)

(Courtesy photo Arizona Game and Fish)











Take a break from the heat and get out into the cool pines of the Pinetop/White Mountain area. Through support of the community, the White Mountain Wildlife Nature Center complex is a facility devoted to being a one-stop source for all things environmental in Arizona’s White Mountains.

The community service goals of the center include:

-Integrating their work and the work of supporting organizations to educate visitors and encourage responsible action to better steward the natural resources in which we all share and care about.

-Be an economic benefit to communities they serve by providing additional revenues from areas outside of the White Mountains.

-Commit to, and advocate, sustainable multiple use of lands and resources.

-Serve the White Mountains as a wildlife rehabilitation center.

Several community events are planned throughout the year, which include AZ Game and Fish nature presentations, naturalist hikes, and more! For more information, visit