The Great AZ Road Trip

Tumacacori National Park

Tumacacori National Park_southern_7.28.14

This historic park preserves the ruins of three early Spanish colonial missions. The area was originally visited by the Jesuit Father Eusebio Francisco Kino in 1691. The King of Spain expelled the Jesuits and replaced them with Franciscans in 1767 and construction was begun by the Franciscan Catholics on the massive adobe church about 1800, but it was never finished.

The Tumacacori National Monument (now the National Historical Park) was established in 1908

These ruins and the culture among it has changed over time; people are encouraged to visit and experience this changing heritage. The unique park also provides opportunities for walkers, bird-watchers and equestrians. There is a popular 4.5-mile stretch of trail between Tumacacori and Tubac for those looking for a good hike filled with remnants of Arizona’s past.