The Great AZ Road Trip

Red Rock Scenic Byway

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Winding through the evergreen pinion-covered Coconino National Forest, this byway, designated as Arizona’s first “All-American Road,” gives way to several scenic views.

Along the byway is a diverse ecosystem where people can bask in the glory of the buttes, cliffs, desert expanses and canyons.

This landscape has inspired and shaped people for over 10,000 years.

Travelers are encouraged to enjoy the scenery, go picnicking, hiking, biking, wildlife watching, and take photos along the way.

The Sterling Canyon Spur leads to two of the most spectacular rock formations in the area. Devil’s Bridge and Vultee Arch are each just a short hike off the road. The Boynton Canyon Spur leads to a trail into an area described as one of Sedona’s new age vortexes. The Loy Butte spur will put travelers in the middle of some of the area’s more sweeping vistas. The Sycamore Canyon Spur takes travelers past  Robber’s Roost, where horse thieves once hid their contraband and to Sycamore Pass, the gateway to the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness.