The Great AZ Road Trip

Dreamy Draw Dam

Photo Courtesy of Phoenix New Times

Photo Courtesy of Phoenix New Times

Like the lore of those mysterious Phoenix lights, some things are just more amusing when left unexplained. The Dreamy Draw Dam is possibly one of those things. Located on the side of Piestewa Peak, Dreamy Draw is a recreational area in the city of Phoenix, providing the perfect location for laid-back hikes and family picnics. What makes Dreamy Draw just a little more interesting is its supposed background in an alien-associated account. Just weeks after the theoretical 1947 spaceship sighting in Roswell, New Mexico, a flying saucer reportedly crashed right in Phoenix’s backyard at the Dreamy Draw. Many believe the Dreamy Draw Dam was constructed to keep onlookers from discovering more about the believed extraterrestrials.

In the early 1900s, the area of the Dreamy Draw was found to have cinnabar, a type of mercury sulfide, and for years, served as a mining site. Because of the toxicity of the mercury, many of those miners experienced sickness, including hallucinations. Many others believe that the alien life forms just stemmed from the imaginations of those working near the site.

Several theories remain about the supposed UFO visit, but one fact remains true: Dreamy Draw offers plenty of recreational activities that are out of this world.