The Great AZ Road Trip

Copper Creek/ Sibley Mansion

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The Sibley Mansion was home to Roy and Belle Sibley. Roy was a mining company managers and his wife was the town’s first postmaster. In 1908, the Sibleys started their work on the mansion. There were 20 rooms within the mansion, it was built of stone and had polished oak floors, picture windows and full-length mirrors. The mansion was the center for social activities in the area. It is rumored that the Sibleys entertained some of the social elite including the governor of Arizona. While the Sibleys moved out of the home in 1910, Martin Tew turned the property into a ranch and called it Monte Bonito in 1917. Tew was a nature lover and wrote poetry, which he shared with others by leaving it on trees for people to read. In 1933, the Arizona Molybdenum Corporation was mining in the area. When the San Diego Union reported Copper creek as a town that was crime-ridden and wild, residents cleared the town out and businesses, including those at Copper Creek, closed. Copper Creek/ Sibley Mansion is brought back to life as residents venture to see the spectacular piece of historic Arizona. The trail begins at the intersection of River Road and Copper Creek Road. Visitors are to tread cautiously, though, as there is active mining and cattle ranching in the area.