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Patagonia Town Hall

The town hall for the Town of Patagonia is actually the former railroad station! The railroad served in the Town of Patagonia until it was abandoned in 1962. The railroad was abandoned and the rails removed, but the building remained in-tact. Spearheaded by the efforts of the Rotary Club, the railroad right-of-way was conveyed to the town where it serves as a park running through the middle of the town. The station was moved from its original site adjacent to the present location and then connected to the town hall.

The New Mexico and Arizona Railroad connected the southern Arizona area to Mexico with the Benson-to-Nogales Railway and passed through Patagonia. Eventually a direct rail line that extended from Tucson to Nogales, Sonora, in addition to a decline in mining activity and population in the area, led to the abandonment of the rail line. The station grounds were donated to the town and made into a town park. The depot was originally sold to a local businessman and the town eventually purchased the building that now serves as the town hall.

Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road

Travelers wishing to enjoy the beauty of southern Arizona should look no further than state routes 82 and 83, along a stretch known as the Patagonia-Sonoita Scenic Road.

This stretch offers winding views of vegetation from fields of wildflowers to tall sycamore and cottonwood trees. The drive includes sights of the Patagonia and Santa Rita Mountains, which tower 9,000 feet.

The jaunt is a quick 52-mile stretch, which provides the perfect afternoon drive or daytime outing. Drivers start on State Route 83, which runs south near the community of Vail near Interstate 10. Route 83 goes through a harbor of vineyards resting in the southern Arizona soil. This road will connect with State Route 82, which then takes travelers to the town of Patagonia.

Part of Arizona’s Mountain Empire, Patagonia offers travelers a respite at Patagonia Lake State Park, a destination for hiking, picnicking, bird tours and boating.

After a brief afternoon rest, the State Route 82 continues in to Nogales, Arizona. Travelers can spend the rest of their day exploring Arizona’s largest Mexican border town. Enjoy shopping or wandering in the town or head to Pena Blanca Lake for fishing and boating.