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Lake Havasu City Top Finisher in America’s Best Communities

Congratulations to Lake Havasu City!

The city was one of the top finishers in the national America’s Best Communities event last night!

Lake Havasu City received a $2 million prize as coming in second in the competition. The prize money will help the city accomplish its goals of implementing its Vision 20/20 plan.

America’s Best Communities began in 2014 to spur economic development in small  towns throughout the country. It challenged local communities to submit ideas and proposals for bettering their communities. Winners would receive prize money and grant funding to help execute their plans. 

Lake Havasu City entered the competition submitting their Vision 20/20 Plan, which included five pillars: economic development and job creation, education and workforce talent, tourism and place development, water preservation and management, and community engagement.

The city was first selected from more than 350 entrants to compete in the quarterfinals among 49 other communities. They then advanced to the second round of 15 competing communities back in January.

Huntington, West Virginia took home the top prize last night. Lake Havasu City came in second place Statesboro, Georgia was third place as the top finishers.

For more information on the America’s Best Communities competition and the Lake Havasu City Vision 20/20 plan, click here:

Main Street is Yuma’s Heart of Gold


Yuma’s historic downtown is the hub of shopping, dining and entertainment.  Photo from the City of Yuma

Yuma’s historic downtown is the hub of shopping, dining and entertainment. Photo from the City of Yuma

Main Street in Downtown Yuma has always been the heart of “old Yuma,” dating back to 1849, when more than 60,000 California-bound gold-seekers came through the area.

A peek inside Yuma’s Lutes Casino.  Photo from the City of Yuma

A peek inside Yuma’s Lutes Casino. Photo from the City of Yuma

The holidays light up Downtown Yuma.  Photo from the City of Yuma

The holidays light up Downtown Yuma. Photo from the City of Yuma

Now Yuma’s historic downtown is the hub of shopping, dining and entertainment. Visitors and residents can enjoy films and live performances at the Historic Yuma Theatre, take a course or stroll through galleries at the Yuma Art Center, and visit a variety of businesses and restaurants.

Yuma Art Center  Photo from the City of Yuma

Yuma Art Center Photo from the City of Yuma


Downtown Kingman Brings Route 66 to Life

Kingman hosted the International Route 66 Festival in 2014.  Photo from the City of Kingman.

Kingman hosted the International Route 66 Festival in 2014. Photo from the City of Kingman.

Photo: Kingman_002.jpg Caption: Downtown Kingman.  Photo from City of Kingman.

Photo: Kingman_002.jpg
Caption: Downtown Kingman. Photo from City of Kingman.

Visitors and residents alike have been enjoying the historic architecture, community events, and businesses in Kingman’s revitalized downtown. In 2014, Kingman hosted the International Route 66 Festival, which brought 8,000 attendees from 24 different counties to downtown to celebrate the historic road. This year Kingman combined the celebration of Route 66 and classic cars with its love for rodeo in the Inaugural Best of the West on Route 66 Festival September 25 -27.

Kingman Club. Photo from City of Kingman.

Kingman Club. Photo from City of Kingman.

In addition to public events, two event centers have opened in previously vacant historic buildings and are available for private parties, weddings and community fundraisers. The success of events in historic downtown could not have taken place without many improvements, beginning with the elimination of non-emergency train whistles. The reduction in noise also led to the opening of several new businesses including a boutique hotel, restaurants and bars. Beautification projects including ADA compliant upgrades and repairs to the sidewalks, park improvements, and abatement projects have helped create a welcoming atmosphere to compliment the area’s growth.

Photo: Kingman_004.jpg Caption: Hilltop Motel in Kingman. Photo from City of Kingman.

Photo: Kingman_004.jpg
Caption: Hilltop Motel in Kingman. Photo from City of Kingman.

Parker Dam

parker dam_ CO river_8.11.14

Photo courtesy of

The Parker Dam may not seem like much to the average onlooker, but the dam is greater than it seems. While most of the dam is not visible to those on the ground, it is said to be the deepest in the world. The majority of it just happens to sit below water.

The dam is located on the border between Arizona and California. The dam was build between 1938 and 1938 by the Bureau of Reclamation. It was created to bring both power and drinking water to Southern California. It is 320 feet (98 meters) high and 856 feet (261 meters) long. It separates Lake Havasu from the Colorado River.

Visitors can camp near the dam at one of the two public campground that are located along the Colorado River.

Read more about the dam’s history here at the webiste.

London Bridge

Arizona has its own piece of London. Located in Lake Havasu City is the London Bridge.

The bridge formerly spanned the River Thames in London, England until it was dismantledi n 1967.

The Arizona bridge, as it stands now, is a reinforced concrete structure clad in the original masonry of the 1830s bridge, which was brought by Robert P. McCulloch from London. McCulloch had exterior granite blocks from the original bridge numbered and transported to America to construct the present bridge in Lake Havasu City. The bridge was completed in 1971 and links an island in the Colorado River with the main part of Lake Havasu City.

The bridge’s relocation was the basis of a 1985 made-for-television movie Bridge Across Time, also known as Arizona Ripper or Terror at London Bridge. In the film, a series of murders in Lake Havasu is attributed to the spirit of Jack the Ripper, whose soul is transported to the united States in one of the stones of the bridge.

So, the next time you’re yearning for a trip to London (but can’t exactly afford the great vacation), maybe plan a trip to Lake Havasu City instead. Then you can pretend you’ve escaped to the prestigious city while remaining right in  the desert oasis that is Arizona.

Wakeboard Island

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

If you’ve ever wanted to go wakeboarding, but haven’t had access to a boat, the town of Parker has solved all of your problems!

Wakeboard Island is a two tower, cable pulley system that allows wake boarders to experience a skate-park style wakeboard ride without the need for a boat. There is a designated course for riders of ALL skill levels. The course provides jumps and rails for advanced riders as well as an open center section for beginners riding for the very first time.

Wakeboard Island is located within Parker’s Bluewater Resort & Casino. For more information, visit their website here.


Mittry Lake Recreation

Photo courtesy of Arizona Boating & Watersports

Photo courtesy of Arizona Boating & Watersports

Escape to a place that has captured the essence of summer– Mittry Lake Recreation area.

The Mittry Lake Wildlife Area offers a wide variety of habitats, from open lakes to cattail marshes and streamside woodlands, providing an equally wide opportunity for wildlife-based recreation. This combination of habitats provides abundant opportunities for fishing, wildlife watching, hiking, boating, and hunting.

The lake has recently undergone rehabilitation work, including marsh dredging, revegetation and fish habitat improvement, making it an ideal location for small game hunting and sportfishing. Major species for small game hunting include waterfowl, dove, quail, and rabbit. The area is also very popular for nature study and bird-watching.

Lake activities:

Camping: There are no facilities or designated areas for camping, but camping is allowed. Please call the Bureau of Land Management Yuma Field Office at (928) 317-3200 for more information.

Boating: There is a three-lane boat launch ramp for motorized boating on the lake. Numerous waterways connect to the main lake body and make exploring by boat a pleasant experience. Recent improvements to the main boat launch area include handicap parking, paving of the upper parking area and the installation of a new ADA approved restroom.

Fishing: The most common species encountered in Mittry Lake are largemouth bass, flathead and channel catfish, bluegill, tilapia, crappie and carp.

Hunting: The Mittry Lake Wildlife Area is located within Game Management Unit 43B.

The Cocopah Museum

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

The Cocopah (Kwapa), also known as the River People, have long lived along the lower Colorado River and delta. For centuries, the Cocopah people, described as generous and non-materialistic, have maintained their traditional and cultural beliefs through the various political environments and ever-changing landscapes.

Cocopah history will come alive as you traverse the Cocopah Museum’s walls. The museum, which was built in 1996, is a recognized federal repository. Its exhibits feature objects and depictions of Cocopah history and culture.

Museum guests will see examples of traditional clothing such as bark skirts and leather sandals, modern-day beadwork, arrow weed-woven baskets, pottery, traditional tattoo designs, musical instruments and the Cocopah warriors’ display.

The museum is surrounded by a 1.5-acre park that features native trees and plants and a traditional dwelling replica made from natural elements.

The Cocopah Indian Tribe is one of seven descendant Tribes from the greater Yuman language-speaking people who occupied lands along the Colorado River. Cocopah Tribal ancestors also lived along the Lower Colorado River region near the river delta and the Gulf of California. The Cocopah people had no written language, however, historical records were passed on orally or interpreted in documents written by outside visitors.

Learn more about the tribe by visiting the museum. While you’re there, take a piece of their history home by purchasing authentic Cocopah beadwork, Native arts and crafts, Native American music, jewelry, novelty items and more at the gift shop!

Historic Route 66

Image courtesy of

Image courtesy of

Plan to motor west? Take the highway that is best.

Historic Route 66 is the most popular of US roadways and Arizona happens to be home to its longest remaining stretch. Start a little off the route in Lake Havasu City, where you’ll behold the London Bridge – an Arizona treasure and bucket list bastion. Traveling north, hit up Kingman, the heart of Route 66. Here you’ll find a Route 66 Museum and the home to the 2014 International Route 66 Festival, which will bring visitors worldwide to the city of Kingman August 14 – 17.

From Kingman, drive through Williams, where you can hit up Bearizona or take a ride on the Grand Canyon Railroad. From there, it’s just a quick trip to Flagstaff for a venture into the Lowell Observatory or a hike at Canyon de Chelly, and then it’s on to Winslow, where you can stand on the corner and enjoy a night stay at the historic La Posada Inn.

You know what they say… it’s the place to get your kicks.

The Colorado River & Bullhead City River Regatta


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The 1,450 mile river has shaped Arizona into what it is today. Although much of its water is diverted for urban and agricultural use, the river also nourishes vital habitat for diverse plant and animal species and is a place for recreation and refuge for many Arizona residents.

The river is known for its dramatic canyons and whitewater rapids. Whitewater rafting trips are available from numerous guide companies.

The Colorado River is important to many Native American communities surrounding Grand Canyon National Park. For over 12,000 years, the river has been an important source of water and life. Contemporary Havasupai, Hopi, Hualapai, Paiute, Navajo, Yavapai-Apache, and Zuni Tribes are active in decisions and discussions regarding the uses of the Colorado River.

Those who visit the river will see what encompasses it: an expansive canyon walled lakes, cascading whitewater, peaceful flows through wildlife refugees and, of course, the Grand Canyon.

The Bullhead city River Regatta is the largest tube float ever that occurs on the Colorado River. This year, the premiere event will occur on August 9, 2014. Activities will begin Friday night with pre-float parties at hotels. Saturday is the nine mile river float trip down the river on rafts and inner tubes.