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Drowning Impact Awareness Month

August means back to school for most students in the community, so families get busier than usual. But as Arizona residents’ schedules fill, it’s important that we all take a moment to remember proper safety around pools.

Arizona’s high child drowning rate is a tragedy only avoided by constant supervision and regular community awareness campaigns, said Surprise Mayor Sharon Wolcott at the August 8 City Council meeting.

Wolcott_pool safety_8.15.14

For this reason, Surprise has joined Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s collaborative statewide effort—Drowning Impact Awareness Month.

Wolcott proclaimed August as Drowning Impact Awareness Month in Surprise. She added, “Through the hard work of advocates across the state to educate and raise awareness, more and more people are taking action to prevent tragedy.”

The goal of this important awareness month is to encourage safety around water and promote awareness.

It’s an important way to remember that “drownings are preventable,” said Mayor Wolcott.

The Surprise Police and Fire Departments offer Community Life Safety Education events such as Water Safety day featuring free CPR training, swim lesson assessments and water safety tips.

The month-long effort also promotes the use of purple ribbons to remember those touched by child drowning.

“I encourage everyone to request and distribute ribbons through the Surprise Fire Department’s website at as we partner with Phoenix children’s Hospital,” Wolcott said.

Ribbons are also available at Surprise City Hall, the Community and Recreation Services offices and the Surprise Regional Library.

Enjoy the last weeks of summer and remember to stay safe!