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Tempe City Council approves Family Justice and Sustainability commissions

The Tempe City Council unanimously voted to approve the activation of two new commissions: Family Justice and Sustainability.  Volunteer applications for seats on both commissions are now being accepted online.


“These commissions will be a critical resource to help us make important decisions as councilmembers,” said Tempe Councilmember Lauren Kuby. “The Family Justice Commission will bring together community leaders to provide awareness and resources to survivors and victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. The Sustainability Commission will serve to supercharge sustainability efforts in Tempe and provide guidance on new opportunities. Both will provide thoughtful insight and research that will benefit us as decision makers.”

Family Justice Commission

This is the first commission of its kind in Arizona. Commission members will advise the City Council and assist city departments in promoting access to justice and safety for victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, stalking and sex trafficking. The group will also assist with coordinating cross-training and multi-disciplinary opportunities for criminal justice personnel and healthcare providers to better prepare them to serve victims of these abuses.


Sustainability Commission

This commission will advise City Council and staff on ways to help the city’s sustainability programs reach their full potential. The city has several ambitious goals for water conservation, renewable energy, recycling, transportation and sustaining city infrastructure. The commission will help the city reach those goals while providing research and ideas on ways Tempe can become more sustainable in the future.


Each commission has requirements for members to have specific areas of expertise. To apply for a volunteer appointment to the Family Justice or Sustainability commissions, visit the City of Tempe Boards and Commissions webpage.