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Goodyear Special Census: Stand Up and Be Counted

Beginning Thursday, Oct. 1, workers from the U.S. Census Bureau will start knocking on residents’ doors to determine Goodyear’s population – and ultimately define the city’s portion of state-collected tax dollars.

In an effort to receive the best count possible, residents are urged to answer their doors and respond to basic questions.

All Census employees will have an official- U.S. Census Bureau picture ID badge, have been fingerprinted and passed an FBI background check. The Census workers, known as enumerators, are expected to continue working through November. The information residents provide is secure.

The count is critical because the state of Arizona collects tax dollars then distributes back to cities an amount proportionate to their population. Goodyear’s current allocation is based on population figures from the 2010 census at which time Goodyear had 65,275 residents. Due to the number of new dwelling units constructed since 2010, city officials now estimate the population to be closer to 77,000.

As a result of this increase, the city could see its annual state-shared revenue increase by as much as $1.5 million from its current $16 million. The money goes into the general fund to provide services such as police, fire and recreation.

“I’m asking Goodyear residents to please take the time and answer the door,” Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord. “Just a couple minutes of your time could mean millions of dollars back into our community for these vital services.”

For more information, call (623) 882-3100, email or visit the website: