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Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord given the 2015 Community Leaders’ Art Award

mayor winning art one

Winning art: Goodyear Mayor Georgia Lord being presented with the 2015 Community Leaders’ Art Award from WHAM Art Association President Connie Whitlock for her winning piece of art “Enlightenment” in the “Bout for the Arts” competition. The recent competition consisted of 65 community leaders from government, businesses and organizations. Art consisted of recycled items for the pieces submitted from April to the end of June. Mayor Lord used pieces of pages from National Geographic Magazine that uses a citric acid in its printing process. Mayor Lord’s work portrayed the progress of women through early centuries to present day. Here, Connie Whitlock is holding Mayor’s Lord’s “City with the Biggest HeArt” Award for Goodyear. Congratulations to Mayor Lord!

mayor winning art two



WHAM supports, advances, and promotes artistic awareness, participation, and expression in all areas of Visual Arts. It is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2006 by Connie Whitlock, a clay artist in her own right. Since then, the organization has grown to more than 150 artists that work in many different mediums. WHAM members work in various materials ranging from paint, clay, glass, concrete, paper, and much more!