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Profiles of Arizona Municipal Clerks: Elizabeth Burke, City of Flagstaff

Elizabeth A. Burke, MMC
City of Flagstaff

 Elizabeth Burke, Flagstaff

How many years have you served as a clerk?  32 years

Where are you originally from?  Born in Illinois, raised in Phoenix

What is the strangest/most unique task you have had to perform as part of your duties? Prepared for a game of “show low” in Show Low years ago when we had a tie election and it was settled by the two candidates playing “show low.”

What is your favorite memory as a city/town clerk?  Developing the Kids ROCK (Reach Out for Community Knowledge) in Show Low, where we taught third graders about city government. We had various city staff members speak to the class monthly where they talked about what they did and had activities related to such a job. Started with a tour of city hall and ended the year with a swimming party at the aquatic center.

Profiles of Arizona Municipal Clerks: Sherry Ann Aguilar, City of Surprise

Sherry Ann Aguilar, MMC
City of Surprise

 Sherry Ann Aguilar, Surprise

How many years have you served as a clerk? 20 years as clerk and with Surprise for 26 years.

Where are you originally from?  Born and raised in Surprise, Arizona

What is the craziest question you have been asked by a resident?  “I am in the Witness Protection Program and I want to vote, but I do not want to give you my physical address, or show you my ID!”

What is the most rewarding part of your job?   The city clerk’s position in any city or town no matter what size, is a central hub that touches every single department in our organization as well as a customer service resource for our residents providing election services, records and passports.  I would have to say that providing these services is the most important and rewarding part of my job.