City Facts 101

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    According to a recent poll, the overwhelming majority of city and town
    residents believe their local governments are operating efficiently.
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    Incorporated Town:
    At incorporation, a community with 3,000 residents
    or fewer may only incorporate as a town.
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    City or Town:
    At incorporation, a community with 3,000 or more residents
    may incorporate as either a city or a town.
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    In order to issue bonded debt, it must first be approved
    by a majority of voters at a municipal election.
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    Arizona’s Workforce:
    83 percent of Arizona’s workforce resides within a city or town.
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    Arizona Residents:
    79 percent of Arizona’s residents live
    in an incorporated city or town.
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    On average, cities and towns in Arizona spend more than
    60 percent of their general fund budget on public safety.
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    86 of Arizona’s 91 cities and towns operate
    under the council-manager form of government.